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Togen is the fastest and most secure platform for building Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies backed by your startup, brand, property, loyalty program or movement.


the tokenized economy

Create & manage the tokenization of anything

Cattle farms, fashion brands, solar energy projects and more have chosen to put assets on the blockchain.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does Togen cost?

    Togen costs 0.5 ETH to deploy a cryptocurrency. If you hold 10 PRFT or more in your wallet, the 0.5 ETH is immediately refunded to you by your smart contract.
    When you deploy your cryptocurrency to the Ethereum blockchain, you will need to pay an Ether fee to Ethereum miners to process your transaction on-chain.
    However, you can deploy to Ethereum testnets absolutely free by acquiring testnet Ether.
    When you deploy your cryptocurrency to the Ethereum blockchain, the Ethereum blockchain miners charge a transaction fee. This can range from $5 - $100 for contract deployments depending on ETH gas prices.
    If you're confused by any of this, we have a full-guide you can read here

  • I'm new to blockchain. Can I build a cryptocurrency?

    If you are completely new to cryptocurrencies and the Ethereum blockchain, it is highly advised that you take some time to learn how Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens work.
    You can do this by creating an Ethereum address, purchasing Ether, and then participating (with small sums) in ICOs.
    This will give you the base understanding that is required in order to begin taking steps towards planning your own cryptocurrency and deploying it with Togen.

  • After I create my cryptocurrency, what do I do then?

    We have created a guide that can help you with this. You can read the full post here

  • Should everyone really be able to make their own cryptocurrency?

    Cryptocurrencies can take many forms. Loyalty points and brand tokens are a new frontier hold many opportunities for new businesses to create freely exchangable rewards. Furthermore, asset-backed tokens for real estate and company shares help democratize capital.

    We believe the free exchange of assets like this can be useful for providing access and fungibility to otherwise non-fungible assets.
    You can learn more about how we envision the tokenization of everything here

  • How do my users use my cryptocurrency?

    After creating a cryptocurrency with Togen, a Web Wallet is generated. You can share the link to your Web Wallet which allows your users to check their balances, send and manage their tokens. You can learn more about how this works here

  • Does Togen store my cryptocurrency?

    Togen is a completely client-side application. This means that cryptocurrency is completely stored by you locally and the Togen servers never have any control over your tokens.
    This means that if Togen is ever hacked, your tokens are secure.


What Togen Creators Are Saying

Jason V. Holmes
Kimchi Socks

Coupling a community-brand cryptocurrency with my sock company gives loyal customers a closer relationship to the Kimchi brand

Arthur Ribeiro

BeefCoin sheds new light on the high poverty rate in Brazil. The coin brings domestic farmers [...] together and [encourages] a new way of growing livestock.

Robin P. Belle

Economic compensation, as a means of bringing people’s interest, is necessary. Cryptocurrency is the appropriate catalyst for raising awareness to utilize renewable energy.

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